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Organization of Conferences, Courses and Activities for the Promotion of Catalysis

SECAT promotes the organization of Conference for the Dissemination of Catalysis, Advanced Courses and Other activities by its partners, with the main purpose of publicizing and disseminating Catalysis.

  • Requests: SECAT members with more than one year's seniority in the Company may apply for partial funding, through the form and providing the following documentation:
      1. 1. PLANNING

1.a. Program of activities, detailing the events that are included or that can be carried out in parallel (seminars, exhibitions, conferences, etc.)

1.b. Number of attendees and, of these, approximate percentage of SECAT members.

1.c. Scope of activities: who they are aimed at, media, etc.

      1. 2. BUDGET

2. a. Detailed Budget including the aid requested from SECAT and the aid requested from other public and/or private bodies.

2. b. Grant Program for SECAT members, dissemination and outreach.

  • Application Deadline: The SECAT secretariat shall receive the application with at least one month in advance of the event.
  • Evaluation and Resolution: The SECAT Governing Board will evaluate the applications and determine the funding awarded. This, with a maximum amount of €1,000, can be up to 60% of the budget. Priority will be given to those activities that have not been previously funded by this Programme.