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Thesis Awards 2023

The DOCTORAL Thesis AWARD in the field of Catalysis for the most relevant of those defended in any Spanish University during the year 2023 by SECAT partners.

Terms and conditions of the call

  • Prize: Invitation to present the most relevant work of the Thesis within the framework of SECAT'25, with the Society covering the costs of registration and accommodation to the Congress. Likewise, a diploma that will be awarded during the Congress. The result will be made public through the Web of SECAT. In addition, the Thesis will be nominated by SECAT for international awards (FISOCAT, EUROPACAT).
  • Candidates: All those Doctoral Theses defended between the January 1 and the December 31, 2023 by SECAT student-members, with at least one year of seniority as a member on the date of defense.
  • Presentation: To be eligible for the Prize, the online procedure must be completed by January 31, 2024 with the form and attaching as files:

copy of the Doctoral Thesis

Accreditation of the defense (with date and qualification)

Short CV in PDF format

  • Commission: The Prize Committee will be made up of three scientists from the field of Catalysis, members of SECAT, chosen by the Governing Board, and with no direct link to the candidates. The composition will be made public during the SECAT'25 Congress.