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On the occasion of the celebration of the next XXIII CICat, which, as you all know, will be held in Argentina next September, the call for the FISOCAT AWARDS 2012.

As on the previous occasion, each National Society may present a Candidate for each of the modalities and, among all the candidates presented, the FISOCAT Board of Directors will select the winners.

That is why it is open until the next day January 30, 2012 the deadline for the submission of nominations to opt for the FISOCAT 2012 AWARDS, in its two modalities:

Award to Established or "Senior" RESEARCHERS

In this case, Spanish candidates, belonging to SECAT or Ibero-American candidates from the different Societies that are part of FISOCAT, with an outstanding and extensive research career in the field of Catalysis, especially in Ibero-America, may apply/propose.

YOUNG Researchers or "Junior" Award

For the "Junior Award" the candidate must be 40 years of age or younger, on the date of the start of the "23rd Ibero-American Congress of Catalysis", which will begin on September 2, in Argentina.

To be eligible for either of the two awards, the Candidates or anyone who wishes to nominate a candidate, must send to the SECAT Secretariat ( the Resume of the proposed person along with a cover letter of the alleged merits BEFORE JANUARY 30, 2012.

TAs agreed at the General Meeting, from among the Candidates presented, the Governing Board of SECAT, with the advice of the researchers it deems necessary, will choose the two candidacies that will be presented to the Board of Directors of FISOCAT.