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29th PhotoIUPAC (Valencia 2024)

  • Secretario 

    Deadline for submission of oral abstracts: 15th February 2024

      PhotoIUPAC 2024 will take place in Valencia from July 14 to 19, 2024. The website is now up and running; you can visit it and register to receive further updates.    Please keep an eye on the conference website for the latest information:

     The conference themes will span from light energy conversion, of relevance to sustainable energy, to green synthetic methods based on photocatalysis, to the study of the reactive intermediates involved, the development and use of new sensors in materials and biomedical sciences, new photochemical and photophysical properties of nanomaterials, the theoretical underpinnings behind the experimental observations and the associated experimental methods of studies, spanning from ultrafast to single molecule techniques to new emergent modalities.

     Important dates:

    • Opening of registration: 8th December 2023
    • Call for abstracts: 8th December 2023
    • Deadline for submission of oral abstracts: 15th February 2024
    • Notification of acceptance of oral abstracts: 24th March 2024
    • End of Early Bird registration: 20th April 2024
    • Deadline for submission of poster abstracts: 20th April 2024
    • Symposium dates: 14th19th July 2024