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   DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: 15th March 2024


     The 5th International Symposium on Catalysis for Clean Energy and Sustainable Chemistry [CCESC-2024] will be held in Bilbao, Spain, from 21st to 23rd of July, 2024.

     The spirit of the Organizing Committee of this International Symposium is to organize an encounter between worldwide academic and industrial scientists with interest in the application of catalysis to the Sustainable Development. This symposium will help to review the present state of the art of these technologies and to discuss future directions, and of course, how they can positively revert in the development of the society.

     CCESC joins 18th International Congress on Catalysis [18th ICC 2024], which will be held in Lyon on July 14-19, 2024 like a Satellite Event.   

     Conference website for detailled information:

     Scientific Program:

     Scientific program will consist of invited lectures and keynotes, about 40 oral presentations and an estimate of 80 posters. This symposium will be organized around the following topics:

Topic 1: Catalytic processes for hydrogen production and valorization

* Hydrogen and biosyngas production and transformation (PtG, FTS, Methanol, DME, e-fuels…)
* Hydrogen storage and transport
* Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Topic 2: Biorefinery catalytic processes

* Chemo-catalytic processes for the valorization of biomass and bio-wastes
* Thermo-catalytic process for waste valorization into bio-fuels and bio-products
* Strategies for the transformation of platform chemicals
* Techno-economic and Life Cycle Analysis of catalytic processes

Topic 3: New catalyst development and study of reaction mechanisms

* Synthesis and characterization of advanced catalysts
* Heterogeneous catalysts for environmental applications (e.g. water and air treatment)
* Mechanistic studies and development of kinetic models

Topic 4: Novel trends in catalysis

* Innovative reactors and process intensification
* Water or Carbon Dioxide activation
* Electro and photocatalysis

     Key Dates:

November 2023:      Abstracts submission is open.

March 7th 2024:       Registration is open.

March 15th 2024:     Deadline for reception of abstracts.

May 2nd 2024:           Notification of abstracts acceptance.

May 15th 2024:          Deadline for early registration [reduced fees].

July 21st-23rd:           CCESC 2024