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First workshop on nanostructured materials for light harvesting technologies

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First Workshop on nanostructured materials for light harvesting technologies.

IMDEA Materials Institute, Madrid, 25-26 November 2015

This 2-day workshop brings together three networks of European research Institutions to mark the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. Its purpose is to share results, views and challenges in the field of nanostructured materials for energy, with a particular interest in materials and light harvesting technologies and related energy and environmental applications: Solar fuels from artificial photosynthesis (photo- and photo-electrochemical water splitting and CO2 photoreduction), novel photovoltaic architectures and energy storage devices. The meeting is materials-science oriented, and includes topics such as the synthesis of novel heterostructures for efficient charge separation, the role of electronic junctions in charge transfer, computational tools to study photocatalytic reactions, reactor design and operation, non-conventional catalyst scaffolds, transient spectroscopy measurements, interfacial engineering and (photo)electrochemical characterisation.