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   DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: 1st March 2024      

     The Organization of EUROPACAT-2025  (16th European Congress on Catalysis, Trondheim-Norway, August 31st-September 5th 2025) invites to nominate plenary and keynote lectures by filling in and returning the appended excel-file:

               EXCEL FILE

     Submissions are requested by 1st of March.

     Nominations accepted from societies, research groups and individuals.

     In the selections,  an effort should be make to adhere to the Guidelines for Research Ethics in Science and Technology, such as those issued by the Norwegian National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (LINK). Please do not include sensitive personal information.

     Kindly submit  to (preferentially all or minimum 2 individuals):

     If you don’t mind, please send a copy of the nomination to SECAT (

     Congress website for detailled information: