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Número especial de la revista “Frontiers in Materials”

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Envío de artículos de investigación a un número especial de la revista “Frontiers in Materials” que llevar por título:

“Carbon Materials for Sustainable and Affordable Low Carbon Energy Technologies”.

This Research Topic aims to offer a wide, specialized perspective by presenting the reader a selection of recent original work in the field of carbon materials for their application in low carbon energy-related technologies. Papers suitable for publication in this Research Topic need to highlight the novel properties or applications of the carbon materials studied, or feature original synthetic works which are of significance and importance to scientists working in energy fields with a special emphasis on cost-effectiveness and minimization of the carbon footprint of the process. Papers covering interdisciplinary research areas are encouraged, in particular those addressing emerging and quickly developing energy related technologies.

Additional contact:  Dr. A. Berenguer-Murcia ( for further details.