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Industrial PhD in hydrogenation Catalysis

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We are currently looking for a highly motivated PhD student to participate in a joint project between Clariant AG and the University of Cadiz (UCA). The PhD candidate will focus on understanding the deactivation of industrial hydrogenation catalysts to develop more stable catalysts. For this purpose, transmission electron microscopy and related techniques (e.g. aberration-corrected STEM, electron tomography, EDX and EELS) will be carried out in combination with spectroscopies techniques (e.g. operando IR).

The PhD student will be supervised by J.J. Delgado (UCA) and G. Mestl (Clariant). The work will be developed at the facilities located at UCA and Clariant AG (Munich). He/she will be expose to the best of both academia and industrial worlds and will receive the most up to date industrial relevant skills in combination with basic research. This approach will provide him/her with enhanced multidisciplinary skills and excellent employment prospects.

The contract will be for a maximum of 4 years. Experience in synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial will be considered. Please contact Dr. Juan José Delgado ( for further information.

Deadline: 10/03/201