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PhD Position in photo-catalysis

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We are currently looking for a highly motivated PhD student to join our group at the University of Cadiz. The PhD candidate will focus on developing novel p-n heterojunction photocatalysts for visible light driven hydrogen production.

The aim of this project is to understand the microscopic mechanisms of p-n heterojunction photocatalystsat atomic resolution. For this purpose, transmission electron microscopy and related techniques (e.g. aberration-corrected STEM, electron tomography, EDX and EELS) will be carried out in combination with spectroscopies techniques (e.g. Operando IR, fluorescence, UV-Vis).


The contract will be for a maximum of 4 years and if the candidate obtain the PhD before the fourth year, the contract will be upgrade to a postdoctoral position for one year in our group. Experience in synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial will be considered.


Please contact Dr. Juan José Delgado for further information:



 Deadline: 2 July 2018